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Sophisticated measures


Our tool was designed to capture quantitative measures. Sequence stimuli presentation and capture millisecond reaction time,  we have all the tools to help you create true academic-grade experiments. 

The future of research, online.

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Design sophisticated experiments using a flexible and fully customizable interface. Simply drag, drop and manipulate stimuli directly on the canvas and visualize your experiment as it is being built. No technical knowledge or programming required.


Access a diverse, global pool of participants through Cognilab. You can even target specific demographics, such as geographic location.
Participants no longer need to download external software or switch tabs, all experiments run seamlessly within a single window on all major computer operating systems. 

Online access to our laboratory allows us to collate the results of your experiment and return them to you quickly. Export experiment data to Excel or CSV format for quick analysis. Achieve superb data quality in record time. 

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Crowdsource integrations

Experiment templates

Our intuitive experiment creation tool let's you build anything from simple surveys to randomized-trial experiments without having to write a single line of code. You can also choose from over a dozen different experiment templates

Dozens of experiment templates
millisecond response time precision
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Cognilab is first to deliver a powerful, secure, web-accessible platform for social scientists. Create complex cognitive experiments and reach a diverse group of participants at unparalleled speed, scale and data accuracy without touching one line of code.



Secure, accessible data

Schedule data backs to multiple servers around the world ensures secure access to your data anywhere, any time. View your data directly on your browser of export it to your desktop in Excel and CSV formats. 

Faster time to value

Realize the results of your work faster with Cognilab. Go from experiment design to final analysis in less than half the time it takes using other methods. 

Always on

Cognilab is always ready when you want it to be. An Internet connection is all you need to design experiments, recruit participants and retrieve results. Avoid IT involvement and hardware hang-ups. 

Painless upgrades

Cognilab automatically manages software updates and upgrades, ensuring you have the latest version of Cognilab for every experiment. Eliminate burdonsome software downloads and installs. 

Easy budgeting

Predictable subscription pricing means that every researcher and lab can adopt Cognilab without hidden upgrade, equipment or maintenance fees. 

Superior scalability

Cognilab empowers researchers to scale their research beyond common and physical and geographi constraints. Gain the power of large data sets by moving your research online. 


As a cognitive scientist, I believe that Cognilab introduces 'game changing' technology that will change how cognitive research will be carried out from this point forward... 

... After much investigation and pilot testing, my graduate students, post-docs and I have made a full commitment to Cognilab for our research.

Dr. James Tanaka
Professor, Department of Psychology

Our tool is directly integrated with Amazon's crowdsourcing marketplace allowing you to recruit from over 500,000 participants with the click of a button. We maintain all mTurk administration so you can focus on your research. Gather data within days, not months. 

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